Medicine Wheel Garden-Phase 1

We have completed the first phase of our Medicine Wheel garden. Many thanks to all of the people that have participated in this so far, especially Jacob and Lawrence! Our BSNES seminar class is helping to choose plants for the garden. We planted some this week that will most likely survive our northwest winter weather. More plants will be added in the springtime. Stay tuned for more details.


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Spring has sprung early…

Thanks to Sally’s English class our garden is back in action. Seeds have been sown and beds have been cleared.  Thanks everyone for your help! The Garden Club is also planning some fun spring projects for the upcoming quarter. Stay tuned and contact if you want to get involved. Next work party March 19 at 1pm-lunch at 12.


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13 Moons Garden Interns-2014

The 2014 interns are hard at work and enjoying this sunny and dry weather!

garden interns

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Flower Farm Tour

Today our soil science class visited Jello Mold Farm in Mount Vernon. We learned about their compost and soil management system and saw many flowers in bloom! It is a beautiful farm operated by wonderful people.

diane1diane2diane3diane4diane5I think all the students agree that our walk through the sweet pea high tunnel was quite amazing. Also, Diane took us below ground to see how their compost applications and mulching techniques have been building soil quality on the farm.  Many thanks for a wonderful tour!

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Helping Hands

After a great Science Saturday and visit from local high school students our garden is back in action. Greg, our garden manager, has done a wonderful job of taking care of our plants and soil over the winter and early spring. However, this large group of students really helped us get the weeds out, the mulch moved and the garden beds ready for planting! Thank you all for your great work!

May 30 and June 6 will be our next garden work days. Join us!


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Gratitude for our garden interns

Many thanks to our great summer interns, Greg Gustafson managed the garden and did a great job mowing, tending to plants, harvesting and keeping everything watered.  His work at 13 Moons is part of his BSNES degree program and this is the start of his second year managing the garden. Leila Clark and Leah Gobert worked on garden maintenance and they developed sign material that will be installed this fall. Thanks also to the volunteers and community members that made there way to campus to help with chores and harvesting!

IMG_0591 IMG_0585 IMG_0584 IMG_0576 IMG_0586IMG_0589

image[4] image[5] image[6]image[2]

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Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!

tomato1We had a great workshop today learning about how to grow tomatoes. We also explored a lot of tomato varieties and students got online to explore how many regular and cherry-sized varieties there are available. Students helped to get some tomatoes installed in our school garden beds and everyone also received a container garden to grow their own tomatoes at home.

There are some great online resources for growing tomatoes.  These are one of the most common garden plants, but they can be sometimes hard to grow in our marine climate in western Washington.  Choosing the best variety for your garden site and your taste buds  is important. We received a lot of antioxidants from tomatoes as well as vitamins C and A and several necessary B vitamins too.

tomato2 tomato3


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